Lyrics: “I Chose The Sword”

I chose the sword 

(Martin Blom)

Mother, I’m writing this last note to you
father, brother, sister, it’s for you too
allmost half a year
you’ve been living in fear
praying and hoping I’ll make it and safely come through

My dear ones, when you read this I’ll be gone
my love ones, there was nothing you could have done
a new life to explore
this amazing open door
changed into a man in control in the rise of the sun

Dont shed no tears
dont you cry
Dont spend the years
asking why
I chose the sword – am I to blame
I let my life into the burning flame
You must go on – that’s the prize you’ll have to pay

A soldier on a mission in a world with devils and saints
a warrior of times where power has changed
fighting for something way of range

I’m writing this letter cause I know I might fall
when the hard rain comes – can’t imagine at all
Nineteen years old
a soldier enrolled
In forty degrees on a desert road facing the wall…

Dont shed no tears… etc.