Lyrics: “Man Of Peace”

Man of peace
(Martin Blom)

Some people say that nothing can ever be forgiven
You got to pay for what you’ve done
They say blood must be paid with blood
Life is a fight to the sound of a gun.

I’m a man of peace and reflection
I don’t see the world this way
Might be dreamer, but this is my conviction
How can I face another day

Some people say the world is a place of danger
Don’t ever trust your fellow man
They say that fear is the key to save you
Civilization is a mask

This is not my faith or my belief
I cant live, I cant breathe
With no enlightenment with no hope
What else cabn I see

Some people say you got to be some kind of cynic
Unless you want to be a slave
They say you got to push your way through the fences
Some might get hurt, but who’s to blame

How could it ever be my game
This aint my way of being free
Might be a dreamer – but I still believe
There’s a place for you and me